Tuesday, August 21, 2007

R.I.P. Gregory Jolstad, age 45 and other dreary stuff

The last victim was pulled from the river yesterday. Gregory Jolstad was one of 18 construction workers who was working on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

During a late-evening news conference next to the Mississippi River, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said divers recovered the body of Greg Jolstad, 45, of Mora, Minn., at 6:15 p.m.

He said the discovery resulted in "a grateful heart and an immeasurable sense of relief."

"In the past 20 days I have witnessed the illogical and the unthinkable," Stanek added before going on to describe those involved in the recovery effort as completing "an indelible picture of greatness - people who worked well beyond their experience and training."

Jolstad, one of 18 construction workers doing a paving project on the bridge deck, was operating a small loader on the span when it collapsed during the evening rush hour Aug. 1. He was the only one of those reported missing who had yet to be accounted for, and his remains were found in roughly the same area of the river as the other victims, Stanek said.

"This was my biggest fear, that he would be the last one found," his wife, Lisa Jolstad, said Monday before the discovery. However, crews had vowed to continue searching until they found her husband.
Sadly, there is just more going on in this state that is causing heartache and agony for many others.

On the heels of the bridge collapse came some much needed rain except that rain continued and poured out of the sky down in southern Minnesota causing more death. So much happening, so much emotional baggage that it's impossible to keep up with it.

The flooding in Winona is horrible! Homes ruined, roads destroyed, mud slides, and people washed away and unfound. I am including a bunch of links below for anyone who may want to read about things. I just don't have it in me to write more about all this horrific tragedy! I guess in the end, I have to pull myself away from it because I feel the pain and the loss of these people in my heart and it really makes for some sad moments for me.

I pray for all those who have lost loved ones and homes and who are going through such horrible things. Although I cannot relate, I can feel and that feeling of hollow sadness is deep.

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