Friday, July 13, 2007

More updates...

Ok, this has been one crazy week and it's still going. Or so it seems. Soccer game again tonight.

There's been much going on in our lives. Much to worry about.

Our daughter in basic is not having a good go of things right now. It seems that she will be coming home early. She has a knee injury that has left her unable to participate in her basic. This has been going on for awhile, a few weeks but we have only read it in the letters that she's sent which come every so often.

We got one today with the final word. She will be returning home, unable to complete her training. She's on crutches, a swollen knee, and apparently the docs have been draining fluid from this knee. However, they cannot seem to figure out what's wrong with it. They even did a bone scan because they thought something seemed loose.

So, she thinks that she will be arriving back home on or around the 25th of this month. She was told by the doctor that she needs to come home to heal for this summer and give it another go next summer.

Poor kid, she feels like a failure, feels like she's abandoning her unit, feels that she doesn't deserve to be paid for any small thing that she's done...she just doesn't feel real good about herself.

I'm happy that she'll be coming home early but sad for her too. I know how badly she wanted to complete this portion, how much she has wanted this, but now, it's in the can until next year! I truly hope that we can get some kind of answers from the docs with this, it's quite frustrating for all of us!

So, there's that tidbit. My brother will be having his going away ceremony on Monday. Thankfully's the only opportunity that we'll get to see him before he leaves. Poor guy has been so busy getting things in order for his family while he's away that he hasn't had time to see the rest of us. I didn't think that we would get to see him and that made me really sad...His family, oh, they are doing the best that they can under the circumstances but it's not been an easy week and a half for them. There is much worry not only on their part but mine as well.

The emotional strain has been very high on our lists around here. It's nice that we've been obscenely busy this week to help keep our minds off things but all the same, when there are quiet moments, those thoughts are forefront in my's my daughter, how's my brother, how's his family....

Life is just so wonderful sometimes while at other times it's something that I wish I could sleep through. Ugh....

I would like to thank Jim and Susan for sending our daughter some mail btw. She mentioned in her letter that she received your letter! Thank you so much for that. We on the other hand got our butts chewed because she hadn't received anything from us was sent priority....I really hope by now that she's received it! One would like to think.

Anyway...that is it for now. More to come I'm sure.

Thanks for all the support from my blogger friends and those in my family who took the time to keep in touch. It means the world to us all......

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