Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A farewell that just wasn't long enough

Well, I said goodbye to my brother yesterday...like 10 times. It was a rough day. He didn't want to see me cry, but I just couldn't help it!

We spent 3 hours driving to our destination and much of it was done in silence. Same with the way home

Pictured here is him, his wife and their twin daughters. Many, many tears were shed.

I was pretty numb for much of his ceremony, struggling to keep the tears at bay. Let me just say this, it wasn't easy.

Never had to do this before, have only been one to scream that people need to support our troops! Not the numbers. Honoring them and recognizing them for their courage and their bravery.

Granted, he's not going to Iraq or Baghdad or Afghanistan but all the same, he's leaving tomorrow for a year.

Him and I don't talk all that often but we still are able to call if we need to. At least 2 times a month he'll call me up or we'll send emails back and forth...The things that you don't think about when a loved one is walking on the same soil as you.

Ugh, I think I'm still a little numb. I cannot even begin to imagine how he's handling this or his son who won't talk much about it. His daughters, such wonderful girls...they love to give me hugs, they are just heartbroken. His wife...she's just beside herself.

What amazed me was the media...they were all over my brother and his family! One of my other neices was interviewed, my brother was interviewed and his wife. News hounds....Obviously this photo is from the article. There are many articles written. Sadly, I cannot veiw the interviews though, our computer doesn't have what we need to do so.

The aura there yesterday at the beginning was like that of a funeral, everyone seemed so down, so sad. The governor was there, him and his wife have been to every single deployment ceremony in this state. I swore I saw him wiping away a tear after he spoke. I lost it when he handed the Captain a flag and told him to return himself and his men safely.

I didn't know what to say to my brother, just good bye and take care and come home safe. I am so bad in these situations. All I could tell his family was, "you know where we are" and to please, please keep in touch with us. We're here for them no matter what!


Oh, well, I guess I should wrap up this very depressing post. I couldn't be more proud of my brother and his family. More honored to be his little sister, and most honored to be loved by him! It's not the end of the world, I know, it's just hard is all.

The strength in all those wives out there? Not only are your husbands heros but so are you! Thank you to you all. And to my sis-outlaw? Thank you! You know where I am. lol To my nieces and nephew....chins up and just remember where we are! A click away... Love you all!

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