Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inappropriate but not criminal

I commented in my comment section that I was on the hunt for something to gripe about....well, here it is.

I started reading this story early this morning but then my computer froze up, I couldn't read the was a different link then the one that was sent to me, and then I rebooted the computer at which time the mail came and I discovered that I'm officially a student at the local community which time I was so excited that I just had to go on-line and look around the website of the college and try to get my classes. Pointless, have much to do before I can register for take my placement test, go through orientation, etc.

But anyway, the gripe. It's been on my mind all day because honestly, it's ridiculous, outrageous, and criminal and I kept telling myself that that is the thing I must post on. So later in the day I received an email from my 'Sunshine', and she of course saw my comment and said that I should gripe about this...Thanks sis.

Boys Face Trial Over Slapping Charges

13-year old boys slapping girls on the behinds during school. Oh, and girls doing much of the same to the boys.

Boys being questioned by school officials as well as the cops, without the parents knowledge and then being dragged to jail. The charges were: "The boys were initially charged with five counts of felony sexual abuse."

Boys being charged with CRIMES and labeled sex offenders while girls say, "It's like a handshake we do," one girl said, according to the police report."

Ya know, this just irks me! Kids are just not allowed to freedom to be kids...well they are to an extent but what about them being TAUGHT what's appropriate and inappropriate behavior? Mom? Dad? Advisors? Counselors? Teachers? Hall monitors?

Hellooooooo!!! My girls have come home on a few occasions and discussed this sort of 'handshake' in the hallways at school. They are just as guilty as the boys are....My rememdy? 1) If you don't like the boys doing it then tell them to stop, if they don't, 2) tell them it could be considered sexual harassment and also letting my daughters know that their behavior is less then appropriate and they too are sexually harrassing, 3) if that don't work, I tell them I'll call the school and speak to the principal and demand that the school takes care of this behavior.

In one instance, I did have to call the school and told them that if they didn't take care of the matter, I would be calling the police and discussing it with them--amazing how quickly the action was taken by the school and no cops needed to be involved...just better supervision.

9 times out of 10 by step 2 of my suggestions, the problem is over and done. Do I like threatening kids? Hell no but these are kids, they don't know any better and frankly, it's up to the adults to help them to learn the rules. Yes, cops are adults but cops are for adult sex offenders in my eyes. If a kid is persistent, tries ripping the clothes off my daughter, harms her or leaves bruises then you damn right I'll report it to the cops! But a smack on the butt?

My son, he's 8 now. He has been reprimanded on many occasions for slapping his sister on the bum...does that make HIM a sexual monster? Or a molester? Oh, for the record? His behavior in that respect has been remedied! So before any nimrod who believes that a slap on the arse is considered a crime picks up a phone and reports my know where you can shove that phone!

For pete's sake people, wake the hell up. I don't condone this kind of behavior obviously but to label these boys, slap the cuffs on them, put them in jail, and keep them away from those of the opposite sex and younger children...they are 13-years old!

Why is it an 18-year old who enlists in the military is just a 'baby' yet in this instance these boys are being treated like 50-year old men having obscene sex with 12 year old girls? WHY is that?!!!!!!

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