Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shirking responsiblity is like the invention of the remote

In this world today it seems that the quicker a solution can be made the better and life will move on for those too damn selfish to face responsibility. Such is the case with this morning after pill that I really have a problem with.

Schools handing out morning after pill to under-age girls backed by Ofsted

Let's teach the kids that the way to solve possible pregnancy is to simply pop a pill and life will be grand. Let's push more and more drugs into the systems of these kids and teach them that instead of facing responsibility that they can just....erase it and pretend it never happened. Oh, and pop pills. So much for the war on drugs. Oh, that's illegal drugs isn't it. Duh...

Move on to day two, kids have sex again, get pregnant and again sweep it under the rug with the simple pop of a pill. Not only are they pushing drugs but they're encouraging young kids to participate in something that to me, is a sacred act, something that should be taken a little more seriously than just a one night stand.

For many the 'simple' solutions are not always the best nor are they the answer. These girls will one day grow up and have to live with the guilt of killing a baby. What if in the end, the girls have a terrible accident or develop some disease that will render them unable to have a child? How will they feel then? And are these even words that are mentioned to these girls? Do these girls get an opportunity to really think about what they're doing or are the nurses to damn busy being pill pushers to take the time to explain future feelings, complications or the what-ifs?

The act of abortion, the act of simply taking a pill to eliminate a 'problem' is not the answer. People must live with these decisions for the rest of their lives. I know some and know that the decisions they made as kids, they wish they could take back. Do I pity them? Curious minds would love to know.

In the case of schools administering this type of thing to under-age children? Um, don't even get me started there! That does not sit well with me and I could rant for hours on that one.

Eliminating the teaching of abstinence and downplaying how perhaps a condom could be effective? Again, don't even get me started.

Kids are not stupid! They can and will grasp the concept of abstinence, self respect and the idea of safe sex.I was taught abstinence in high school, I was not taught complete abstinence in school, I was taught about both. It's how I chose that made the difference.

Sex was not taken lightly when I was a kid, disease was not underplayed nor were the use of condoms and other contraception. I was taught about RESPONSIBLE sex, about having a little self respect, tricks that were used to get people in bed, and mostly that sex wasn't something that should be taken for granted or used as entertainment. I was TAUGHT! And amazingly, I learned that sex isn't something that should be done 'because it's fun' or 'because all my friends are doing it'.

Is it the concept of laziness and speedy solutions that is running this world? In MHO....that's a big YES!

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