Friday, April 13, 2007

Murder, plain and simple...there is no pity in my heart for murder!

In Minnesota there is a law that protects young mom's who drop a newborn infant at any hospital in the state. These mom's have 72 hours in which to do this with no questions asked. A law that was put in place to not only protect the babies but to give young kids who don't want their babies an 'out' to keep them from dumping them on the side of the road like a stray dog or worse, doing something heinous like this!

An Oakdale newborn's grisly death: She was stabbed 135 times

Stabbing a newborn this many times? What must that poor little baby have looked like after such a vicious act?
To feel bad for this teen is not something I can find in my heart. She had choices, she had options but she chose to act this way.

Pity her childhood? No room in my heart when an innocent baby is murdered like this! There are just some things in this world that there are no damn excuses for! Murdering a newly born baby just because her finger moved is definately one of them!

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