Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey, I'm straight so arrest me

What has happened to this country? For as long as I can remember there has been racism, hatred, bigotry, name calling but I don't recall people being fired or sued for it.

As a kid, there were certain words that were taboo...the N word or the F word, words that would directly get me shot or hurt or that were just disrespectful to another human being.

I am not one who takes those words lightly but I am also not one who would scream at another for using them. If a person chooses to be nasty and mean to another, that's their problem, it's not my business. I am responsible for me, my actions and my words. Yet some would say that is part of the problem, I just don't care. Oh, I care if it's my kids spewing it or a close friend or my hubby or my parents or family but not enough to put them out like a lit match.

Really, why is it the world's business, all this politically correct garbage? Why? It's getting people fired, it's causing kids to be suspended from school, it's headlines for pete's sake. There's a war going on in Iraq, murders being committed...oh, some by those who feel slighted and discriminated against who we should all really feel sorry for. There are so many more important things going on that are being ignored but the feelings of people seem to be up front and foremost.

White, black, asian, japanese, hmong, indian, mexican, christian, lutheran, johovahs witness, scientologist, along with numerous others out there have been ridiculed and seen in a harsh light. Growing up, I learned to just walk away from something that I didn't like or agree with. Call me selfish but I am me, I feel it's important to live up to my own standards and not those that are attempts to indoctrinate me, and it's my responsibility to watch my own back. And these days it seems that you must always have an eye on the back of your head for safety's sake.

Now, it's necessary for straight people to announce that they are in fact straight only they get suspended from school or are called homophobes or whatever. What is it called when a lesbian or a gay parades around that they are gay? Acceptable behavior?

Apparently in this case it is: Michigan student suspended for wearing 'I'm straight' sticker

I guess being straight, white and Christian is now a suspendable thing eh? I wonder when it will be considered criminal?

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