Saturday, April 21, 2007

Come one, come all!!!!

Wow, that must've been some party! An open invitation on your mySpace would definately bring them from all directions.

What REALLY happened at the Myspace party from hell

This poor mom...walking into this:
Meanwhile, inside the house, partygoer 'Nicky' described the unfolding nightmare in her unique way. Her e-mail description read: "it was like a totall free for all. going threw every draw wardrobe in the house taking clothes from anywhere, a fish hook was found in the draw of rachaels brothers room and was used to carv names in the wall.

"wardrobe doors where pulled off and left on the landing for people to stamp on, door handles actully inscrewed off so people wouldnt interupt the 'yobs' having sex in everyroom in frount of all to see.

"lights in the ceiling were pulled out of the ceiling the wires snapped, the carpets were all light colours, they were black with in minuets. bed sheets where urinated on but still people slept on them, the bath was cracked off people kicking it, the toilet seemed to be dismantled, mirrors smashed, the walls were urinated on, drink was spilt up the walls on the carpets the curtains were pulled down and ripped. 'at one point, in the sitting room 4 people walked in took the radiator off the wall walked out and when we finally left in the mornin seen it dumped at the side of the road 5 minets from rachaels house."

Although should I really feel sorry for her?

Mrs Bell, while still fuming at her daughter for having the party in the first place, believes her about the webspace tampering.

She said: "Rachael has never done anything like this before, and there was nothing to suggest she would. She may have had the odd friend round, but that's all.

"I'm 99.9per cent sure she's telling the truth when she says that she was not responsible for what happened.

"No one knew I was going away until the Saturday, which was just two days before the party - Rachael wouldn't have had time to arrange a party on such a big scale. Someone else is behind it.

"She only planned to have a few friends round, I'm sure of that."

Naturally, Mrs Bell may want to believe her daughter, but the fact is that someone did organise the party in a short space of time.

Another reason she chooses to believe her daughter is that Rachael removed all the knives in the kitchen drawer and took the television and china from the living room and put them away.

Curiously, she even taped over the clothes drawers to deter anyone from opening them. Mrs Bell draws a comforting conclusion from this: "To my mind those are not the actions of someone who was planning to let the house be smashed up."

After reading that, I have to wonder if this is a mom in denial or if she is just really as clueless about teenagers and the things they do on-line.

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