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Sexth...oops, sixth grade students learning more about shop class

I usually just add an update to my previous posts about that particular post but this was something that I thought deserved it's own separate post.

Yes, it's about the sex...oh, sorry the sixth grade students having six...oh, I mean sex, in the classroom.

The attorney for the school district has weighed in as have parents of the surrounding area. I just have to point out the attorney's take on this whole situation because he is such an idiot! Maybe it's ok for his kids to observe something, or he might recommend that this would've have been better if the students would have performed in health least then he could advocate a grading system for the act of sex and just how well these 11 or 12 year olds performed could determine the grading curve.

If this is what is defending the schools in this country then we have some pretty serious problems. Not like we don't already. If it's ok to hide this sort of thing from a community and from parents who might just give a damn about what goes on with their kids in schools, the public school system needs less funding and better guidance from those parents who do care. And perhaps funding a better attorney would be a good start for this district.

What a putz this guy is. Here's the gems I pulled from the article.

This quote from one parent that will lead to the exerpts from the dumbass:

Parents in the district are outraged.

"It just upsets me because it sounds like they're trying to make excuses. It doesn't matter to me how long it was, you know, 30 seconds, 30 minutes; it's too long. I want to know where the teacher was and how this was able to happen," said Laura Pliquett, who has a nine-year-old possibly headed to Raymond Park.

Some moronic quotes regarding this from the attorney:

"The 30 seconds, that's not even a consideration - it's the fact that something occurred," said Kevin McDowell, the attorney for the Indiana Department of Education. He says districts often consult him on serious legal matters, but says this is the first he's heard of the Raymond Park incident."


"McDowell agrees parents have legitimate issues about classroom supervision - but has a different take concerning students who may have witnessed the activity:

"This doesn't pose any danger to the other students even if they did see it," he said.

When asked for claification, McDowell repeated his stance.

"All right, so they may have witnessed this. While this is an activity you certainly don't see in a school and it's something that would be certainly unusual, I don't feel - I don't know where it posed any immediate danger to those children who saw it," McDowell said."
School officials refuse to comment on sex incident

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