Thursday, March 01, 2007

The power of the buck.

Gay woman stakes claim to part of IBM fortuneAdd to Clippings

Don't matter that the man is now deceased. All that really matters is what people can sponge out of his remains.

This link sent to me by one of my regular readers I call 'Red' is laughable and so typical and, surprise this woman is really grasping at straws just to get to the money. And this is AFTER she already received $500,000 after the man died. Ungrateful and greedy!

Why would a woman of 43 adopt a woman of 44? The article claims it was a measure to "circumvent anti-gay marriage state laws" but in 'small print' it was so this woman could get a peice of the pie when Grandpa died? Unless of course there's more to the relationship than is being told?

The self-serving narcissitic attitude in this country is sickening! Along the lines of the Anna Nicole Smith fiasco, the desperation of people to get something for nothing is pathetically infuriorating! I won't even get into my disgust over the Anna Nicole Smith mess. Danilelynn is the one I'm most concerned about.

I guess it's time I start turning into a groveling whiney beeeyatch so that I can get my peice of the pie too. Seems to be the way things are done in this country these days. The work ethic is non existent, the morals and values of people are deteriorating, and the new mentality of lying to get your way is winning votes all over this country!

Put a sock in it lady and leave this family alone!

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