Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Some joke!!!! Threatening to cut the tongue of a 7-year old to get him to be quiet. And then actually DOING IT! This substitute was incapable of keeping the kids quiet without using threats and weapons? And she only had to watch the class for a few minutes according to the article.

Teacher 'cut boy's tongue' to silence him

What are teachers being taught in college? Corporal punishment, how to have sex with minors and how not to control a classroom.

And the cops are waiting to press charges on this woman until they determine if it was a joke or not?????? What is that? If a parent threatened their child and claimed it was a joke you can bet that the cops, social workers and the parenting experts would be all over their backs for this!!!

Or let me throw this one in there...what if it were a male teacher who did this? What do you think would have been done in that instance? Inquiring minds want to know....

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