Monday, March 26, 2007

Planned parenthood--PARENTHOOD?????

Planned Parenthood Launches 'Pill Patrol' Campaign

Is it a law that pharmacys carry all prescription drugs? If it is, then whatever but if it isn't, this tactic of forcing pharmacys to carry the Plan B abortion pill goes right up there with forcing business' to ban smoking. That's how I feel anyway.

The mentality of forcing business' to not have a damn choice in this country is really going overboard and I really wish a stop would be put to it and soon. Just because the USDA approved this drug does it automatically mean that it should be made available to all the people out there who would rather not act in a responsible way???? How long before they start advocating that any pregnant woman MUST abort their babies? (far-fetched I know but honestly)

Planned Parenthood can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Saying this:
"Every day in America, women are forced to play the lottery when they walk into their neighborhood pharmacies and ask for Plan B emergency contraception (EC)," Planned Parenthood said on its website.
I look at it another way...every day a woman CHOOSES to go to bed with a man unprotected, the two of them are CHOOSING to act irresponsibly or as they put it, play the lottery!

It's not the pharmacist's responsiblity to see to the selfish needs of women. This topic just pisses me off!
Oh, and another quote stuck out:

Planned Parenthood argues that refusal to fill EC prescriptions is unacceptable and puts women's health at risk. "That's why we've asked you for help," the website says. "Working together, we'll make sure pharmacies change their policies so women are guaranteed access to EC."

By performing abortions, encouraging to put more drugs into the systems of women, is that not also putting women's health in danger? By not encouraging contraception and abstinence, isn't planned parenthood contributing to STD's? They want to blame the pharmacy, I'll blame them right back.

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