Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elian with a twist

I have kept pretty quiet about that whole Elian Gonzales fiasco in many instances on this blog. Knowing it was such a hot issue and divided so many people, including Pat and myself I've always thought it best not to bring upon myself arguements because I still believe the right thing was done. Our house was a hotbed of debate, one in which our kids will never forget nor will we.

I stood on the side of the father and his rights. I stood on the side that this country had NO right to take Elian no matter how much I would have wanted him to have the life of us Americans. His mother brought him here my eyes it was wrong. And I thought the way the family displayed this little boy was shameless and no better than Cuba. He was a pawn in a political agenda by all involved and it sickened me.

I found this article today: U.S.-Cuba custody fight brews over girl

While much different it also has hints of similarities that dredged up all sorts of feelings with me. This little girl is here LEGALLY. Mama went to great trouble to bring her here. Yet the government of Florida will not bring the father here so he can fight for custody...Fight, against the government. There is just really something wrong with that.

I know that Cuba is not ideal in any way to how we live. It's not a great place for kids. But the idea of a father who wants his child is what sways me. If in fact this man wants his little girl back because the mother has been proven unfit...why in the hell is this country so against a father and his rights!!!!!!! The rights of the ILLEGALS in this damn country are ALWAYS used in court cases, but since a man is on an island in Cuba, he doesn't really matter.

It angers me that fathers are looked at and scrutinized and labeled by this country. That they have to FIGHT for any damn rights to their children! That a woman merely has to say she suspects abuse by that father and wham....that father is blacklisted.

Is it not in the best interest of the children to keep them with their biological parent? And if the mother requests that the child go back to her father...ugh. And not to mention, this child is in the welfare system living with...not a family member but a friend, an aquaintance. And that aquaintance...I have to stop.

Read the article and weigh in.

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