Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pass the bacon

When it comes to shopping, many people want to get through the check-out process in a timely manner and most times it happens.

Occasionally at the stores we go to in Wisconsin, a cashier will have to call on another or it's customer to scan through the alcohol because the cashier is too young. That is understood! The sale of cigarettes, a cashier must be a certain age. With both of these it's an age thing, something I can respect and support.

But who would think that while digging out your money that suddenly you would be asked to scan the bacon???? Bacon, in plastic packages...or that another cashier would be called upon to do this dirty deed! Muslims working in retail/grocery stores are now on a new mission. They won't scan bacon for religious reasons. I wonder when the customer will be fined for daring to bring the bacon to a Muslim cashier.

Customer service and faith clash at registers

How long before they refuse to scan pork and beans, alcohol, or a bible, or lingerie?

I am so sick and tired of people coming to this country and trying to change the way it works. Crying about how their rights are being stomped on. Great, come here, live the American dream but do so on the expectation that our culture isn't yours!

Go work in construction or be an interior decorator. But watch out for the dogs. Why come here, to this free country, if all they want to do is change it to better suit them? Everyone wants a peice of American pie but they also want to eat it too.

Comment section in the local paper:

Some Muslim workers at Target refuse to handle pork

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