Monday, March 05, 2007

Dude, got a joint for the tots? whoa-hoe, psychedelic

You all just had to know that I would post on this horrendous story.

The teens stuffing joints in the mouths of babies! Good friggin' grief!

Videotape shows men giving pot to kids

Well, dude like, c'mon, at least we aren't molesting them.

HAHAHA Oh and dude, sheeeyat, we ran out of meth so we have to settle for marijuanna but wouldn't it be cool to get the little dudes stoned?

Whoa man, that would be such a trip, far out!

Heehee, check it out dude he's holding the joint like a pro, oh wow man, he's like inhaling! Hey, dude, get the camera, wouldn't it be funny to make a vid of this and put it on youtube or something.

Oh, yeah man, great idea I'll get the camera we stole, hold on.....DUDE, DON'T LET THEM SMOKE YET....I ain't got the effin' camera ready!

Ok, ok, ready dude?

Yeah, roll....

hahaahaa, oh man, this could make us so famous? Oh, you just gotta get this little one, he's like really into it......

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