Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bill Maher is a pig!

I've been really trying to ignore the nasty comments on the whole Dick Cheney assassination attempt but have had enough. Maher, Huffington...too bad that Huffington removed the comments and certain posts from her site about this...from what I've read, they were pretty bad. I guess again, I should not be surprised should I?

When is it that it became okay to publically wish a political figure dead? A man who has a family who just happens to be the VP is nearly killed by a bomb and it's 'too bad he didn't die'? What is missing in the lives of these people that they have to be so vicious and evil?

I really hope that HBO looks into the Maher show but I guess I won't get my hopes up. Something that should have been done a long time ago in my opinion.

Go check out News Busters...a site I have frequented quite a bit as of late. It's a place notorious for outing the evil that comes from the mouths of these who feel it's a 'right' to wish another dead or who love to bash the administration, or who simply have that foot in mouth syndrome.

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