Friday, February 16, 2007

Who has the Munchausen's?

Homeschooling, what is the deal? I've been seeing various stories pertaining to the 'attack' on homeschoolers so I finally decided I would read one. Granted, the credibility of World Net Daily is somewhat questionable so I did a search and found another article. Whether that's more accurate, who's to say but with Christianity under attack and many homeschoolers being more Christian, is it really all that out in left field?

Homeschoolers fight bogus poisoning claim
Another family accused of letting children 'eat Cheerios dry'

Family Stands Firm in Face of Social Worker’s Threats

This is very disturbing to read simply because the underhandedness that's involved and for what reason????

As a parent, these are my children, if I want them to be educated in a Christian setting that is my choice. If I want them to have dry Cheerios for a snack, that is also my choice. Or is it?

The question of the rights of the parent regarding decisions made for these minor children has been really hovering. I see things like this and can only think of one thing...invasion.

The obsession that people have over the well being and the best interest of the children is really quite scary. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton parading them around like they're the Pied Pipers rats to better their 'for the sake of the kids' babbling and the 'it takes a village' mentality sickened me.

The child pawns in this sick game of life, being used to make political statements, being pitted against God, their parents, being used to make a point. But in reality, how much care goes into it when these kids are uprooted from a decent family or their life is in chaos because mom and dad are so distraught over doing absolutely nothing but what they, AS THE PARENTS, feel is best for their kids.

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