Friday, February 16, 2007

A tragedy that should have never happened

Hospital 'failed' girl, 3, who died hours after discharge

A mom brings a child having obvious trouble breathing to the hospital seeking help for that child and is sent home with barely a hint of concern from the doc. Later that night, that little girl died.

Our youngest daughter almost died because of breathing issues. Not because of negligent doctors though. In fact, the doctors who attended to her were amazingly quick to react and handle a situation that scared the crap out of us, and they kept her in the hospital for a night.

She was a year old, had been to the doctor the day before and was diagnosed with an ear infection and put on Amoxicillian. Her chest was clear, and she was sent home. The next day proved different.

She was ok when we left her to go to the Renessaince Festival but came back to a baby who was gray in color, had a fever of 104 degrees, and was gasping for air. An image and a few moments in her life I will never, ever forget.

Had the doctors sent her home after that I would have pitched a holy hell mother of a fit of unbelievable proportions.

My heart goes out to this mother knowing full well she's probably dying inside because she feels like she should have done more. But there's a part of me, the mom in me that wants to scream because she didn't bring her back. But I'm not angry with her, she should never be labeled as a poor mom for this, the doctor...oh the's that 'shoulda-coulda-woulda' syndrome.

My screaming stems from many frustrating dr. visits with my own kids and myself. It's kind of like a crosswalk...a place where someone can safely walk across the road, or so they think, but its just a shield of safety that exists. Same goes for drs.

They are supposed to be educated, they are supposed to know, they are supposed to be thorough, and they are supposed to do everything they can. This doctor flippantly sent this child home and gave this mom a false sense of security. Something this family is all too familiar with.

They get damn good pay for a mediocre performance in my opinion. This child should NEVER have died. Never!

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