Friday, February 16, 2007

More wonderful teaching

Shock at women goading toddlers

Go figure, women encouraging a little boy to hit a girl. And then calling him a wimp and a f----t when he doesn't! (sorry, don't care for that word, I swear all the time but there are just words I don't find very kind) So,what happens when this little boy grows into a man and hits a woman???? They swoop in like a bunch of buzzards for the kill and send him to prison for abuse! Label him! Degrade him! Make him feel like a piece of trash!

I don't know about others out there but if my son hits his sisters, he gets his butt sent to his room and earfuls of yelling from both Pat and I! UNACCEPTABLE! AND, if our daughters hit eachother or our son...same thing! Never has there been any other type of response! Spanking is out of the question in that scenario, you don't remedy hitting with hitting! It just doesn't work that way.

No one should be hitting let alone encouraging this act and then laughing. There are so many &*@#$%* bullies in this world today it just really angers me! And the kids are the guinea pigs who will one day grow into adults and suffer for the stupidity and lack of accountability that is now being taught!

What's really tragic is one of these women has her own children...simply tragic.

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