Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And it continues...

Well....whoever said things happen in threes hasn't met my family. Perhaps it's three per person in this house but no matter......enough already is screaming in all our heads. We are walking around slumped and beaten emotionally and mentally...

After that last post I actually fell through a rotten piece of wood on our deck and messed up my knee...I laid there fighting the tears of embarrassment, frustration, and pain praying to someone that this would be the last thing to happen to us...Well, the Wednesday after that I learned my sister was in a motorcycle accident in Texas, our son pulled his hamstring in the first game of the season, he played again over the weekend and reinjured it but not as bad....then last night learned that a woman (K) who is a very big part of our lives has taken a turn for the worst and has very little time left with us.

Today at work was a really effed up day. A teacher there has been battling cancer--thankfully I didn't know her but today I learned just how very much she was loved by staff and students.....We learned she passed away around 1:30--school was still going on. The hallways before word was officially announced were blanketed in this invisible fog you could feel descending and sprinkled with sobbing students and teachers. I stood there struggling to figure out what I could do while fighting back our own personal hell time went on and the announcement was made I watched numb and nearly catatonic as people all over the hallways were sobbing. Needless to say it was an awful way to end the work day for P and I given the crap we've been dealing with....probably worst of all was our plan was to get out of work and go visit K for one of the last times

My sister and her husband are ok. He suffered a separated shoulder, some very sore ribs on the right side, and over all aches and pains in the aftermath. He was released the day after the accident. My sister on the other hand suffered a non-bleeding laceration to the liver, bruised kidneys, a bruised adrenal gland, and a concussion. She was knocked out and doesn't remember much but my brother-in-law did a hell of a job taking good care of my sister in that situation. I could not be more grateful for that. However, the bike didn't fair as well....totaled.

My knee is healing well but still tender where it's bruised up. Been seeing a chiropractor who's been working on it to help it heal.

On to K....well that is not good. She is in rough shape and it all happened very suddenly--well, we were prepared for a few more months with her.....we all believed she had at least nine months to enjoy the rest of her life but as cruel as life can be it has not been granted. Time is short and words are left unsaid....hopefully when we go to see her again on Friday she will be in decent enough shape to say some things to just is too much. 

Anyway....time for me to go to bed. Have to get some sleep to muster the energy to walk back into that school tomorrow morning and help out as much as I can with those who are grieving.....the poor kids ... ugh!

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