Thursday, May 03, 2012

Some normalcy

How very bizarre! April has come and gone and it took with it all that darkness! Yay! Normal. My apologies for that last post, it is very morbid and sad. This year was just not great. But now? Yeah, feeling good again and ready to begin another season of soccer.

Yep, it's soccer time! Our boy is on a great team this year. Some really really good, dedicated, motivated, hard working players. This year is different because our area and another merged into one so that we had better team selections and a more balanced program. I wasn't sure about this new program because it's a bit further away for practices but after watching the boys play over the last week all that doesn't matter anymore! The boys from the other area are excellent players, very disciplined, positive, and hungry!

With this new soccer season I have once again pulled out the camera. Nothing unusual except that I am taking it a bit more seriously and have found something I have ignored for awhile--my deep seeded love for photography. The boys had a tournament over the weekend and I decided on Sunday after a great day of photos that I was going to create a soccer page dedicated to the team. That this year, instead of hoarding all the pics I've taken in the past--and half assed to boot--I am going to give the team and their parents the opportunity to see what I've done. And so far, people really like it. I've gotten some feedback and some really nice emails from parents about how grateful they are, what good photos I've gotten...but I don't take compliments well which is something I have to work on.

Above you will see a few examples of shots I've managed to get. I'm quite rusty with action photography but when I worked for the local newspaper years ago covering sports I fell in love with photographing the action. It was so much fun! And oh yeah..the action is fast on the field and my shutter is constantly clicking. Right now the goal is to eliminate as much blur as I can but it needs work!

Being out of school seems to be helping me re-acclimate to the civilization that I have had on hold for nearly four years and it feels good to be human again for a change. I haven't had much luck in the job search but that will come.....right now I'm just enjoying my family again and my life that has been missing. It's nice; I look forward to getting back into school but maybe with some time off I will find a better balance for that and life again.

Ahh, today I'm loving every minute of it!!!! Have a great day all!

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