Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ode to a magical course Pt. 2

Yesterday...once again, we were checking the weather every hour for at least three days before our tee time. I have to say, my trust in the weathermen has been slowly dwindling so even seeing the report of sunny and beautiful I had my doubts.

We arrived for our 8:40a.m. t-time and it was looking like a beautiful day ahead and it couldn't have been more perfect. We got our rainchecks all figured out which turned out to be a big mess so the guy just said, 'Ya know what, just go play'...That was the start of our day.

I personally could not wait to see the rest of this course....it promised to be one of the most beautiful places I've been since some of those trips with my folks and to France....and I wasn't wrong about that thought.

The first five holes were some we'd already seen and I was struggling..it is a tough course although I was spending way more time on the fairway than I normally do....hmm, that's interesting. The guys were playing good as usual..struggling here and there with shots way left or not long enough...I really was so enthralled with the beauty that my game was of very little interest to me...

As the day wore on that relaxation set in more and more....suddenly I realized I was shooting way better than I ever had before and more consistant with only a few duffers--those were mostly due to me looking up because my other shots were surprising me with distance and consistency so I just HAD to see how far the next one would go....then I would forget to keep my eye on the ball and completely fudge my shot. But I didn't even care...by the time we got to the back nine I was so intrigued and awed by this course that I didn't have a care in the world.....it is the magical course.

P and T were constantly praising my shots, T was clapping with each good shot, and I was utterly perplexed that I was playing so well. And it wasn't only a shot here or there....I wiped nine strokes off my back nine if that tells you anything. I even parred a hole on the front nine...P laughed because I jumped up and down and was so excited. That was my second par in my very short golf career--honestly, that is a great feeling for me...now if only I could birdie! Arar..

This course though? After we finished playing, P and I raved about this thing for the rest of the day and even today we've been discussing how much fun we had at this place. We thought T had the same feeling but weren't able to discuss it with him since he drove separate. But P did get a chance to talk to him tonight and as we suspected T had many of the same things to say as we did....not one of us can wait to play it again and do hope to play and see it in the fall when the colors are at their brightest.....

The course? St. Croix National.....A course that looks terribly intimidating and difficult but its bark is much worse than its bite.......one must really go there to experience the adventure that we had....it was worth every drop of rain we endured that very first day we visited.

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