Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing can compare

Today we went to our daughter's house to celebrate 2 years of being grandparents! Well, it was WeeMan's second birthday.

I remember the initial shock of learning our daughter was pregnant...the realization that our kids did in fact grow up no matter how much we deny it's happening. He came into this world and it was a surreal that was much different than those feelings I had when my own children were born. I remember looking at him in that warming bed and, this little one is not coming home with us...his mama is our daughter but she's just not ready for this!

Oh how wrong I was. She's doing an outstanding job. This tiny helpless infant is turning into quite a little character...talking, running around like a crazy man, laughing and joking around, intelligent, and everything every grandparent says their grandkids are! He's so curious and looks so much like his mama!

The love of this little boy has grown over the last two years into something completely different then that I have for our kids. There's a whole new place that seems to have grown in my heart--a place that has been just waiting to feel this very emotion.

Watching our daughter with her little boy--she dotes on him, makes sure he's being taught properly how he should and shouldn't act, patient--doing all that a parent does while making sure he gets away with some things she knows one day she'll regret--I think like most parents do...a child's laughter, tears, puppy eyes, and sweet little hugs are enough to make even the toughest disciplinarian ease up a bit.

This little boy changed all of our lives on so many levels. He has been such a welcome addition to our family--born 9 months to the day of my father's death not to mention on the Democratic inauguration day--a significant event that P felt was my father's last joke on him. WeeMan is the apple of our eyes.

So here I sit, looking at the pictures our daughter gave us for our frames marveling and reliving the moments this little boy couldn't hardly hold his head up...sleeping on my chest, awed by the ceiling fan, learning to crawl then walk..learning to eat with a spoon...all of it seen in only brief visits. Our daughter has been so great about giving us updates, making sure we get to see him when he's learning new things--while I was able to see every waking moment with our own kids I'm also seeing much of that with our first grandson only without all the other added extras.

Ahh...2-years already...I look so forward to so many more years with him and our future grandkids. When I hear that little guy say O-Ma to me I just melt and wonder how on earth I could have been so blind to the many cherished moments that lie ahead and that I am already living. There is no love quite like it...Happy 2nd Birthday to our very special little WeeMan!

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