Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Sweet Stella

Before I tackle another week of homework I decided it was a good moment to babble! Our household has been visited by 'the bug'. I've been sick since last Wednesday beginning with a sore throat, aches, chills, and fever and am now battling the cold from hell.

Our son took ill last night with 101 fever and the headache from hell and is home today nursing himself back to health. His head still hurts and has been running a fever all day. P hasn't been feeling like himself today but on the bright side, our daughter is finally over her sickness. So, our luck from whatever this bug is has run out.

I tend to believe this little 'gift' was left by our WeeMan who's visit here was so sweet. I knew I was going to get his cold because I just couldn't resist his fishy kisses and his generosity of sharing his food with me. I was a bad Oma.

So that little guy is going to be two in a couple days already. Man time goes fast. I was treated to a phone call from our daughter last night with him rattling off all sorts of words...I love it when they start to talk fluently...There's nothing quite like the pronunciation of specific words and their sweet little voices. But I have to add, by those teenage years when they've mastered the art of 'witty' remarks and 'jabs' that hit in the gut I wish they were back to being infants!

In other news, I'm on the hunt for another kitten!!! We have Stella--oh sweet, sweet Stella. NOT! She's quite a cat these days. She gets really bored around here and wants attention many days I sit here in the peace and quiet doing my homework.

I have a laptop that I choose to use a mouse with because I just hate the mouse pad thing on the laptop. If it's because she knows the name of that device is 'mouse' or if she's just being a shit, I will never know! I won't be paying much attention and all the sudden she comes in for the attack, teeth bared, claws out and attacks my hand with everything she's got! Good grief, I try to get her off my hand and it only makes matters worse! She wraps her paws around my wrist and continues with her gnawing and steel grip. I move my arm around and she moves with it only getting a better grip. This continues for as long as my threshold for pain can last--usually about 30 seconds before I grab her and yell at her and put her on the floor. She usually looks at me with these very angry eyes and sighs.

Don't get me wrong..I absolutely adore this cat. She's a beautiful little thing and as cats go, very unique in the way most cats are. She so badly wants to sleep in our room at night...I want her to but P will always say, "Awww, really???" He knows she's 'satan' cat because for some reason she LOVES to attack his feet and legs when she's in our room. Never mine, even if I wiggle them--yeah, she'll come after mine but immediately pounces on P's. After so many grumbles and sighs I know it's time to throw her into the hallway and ban her from our room for the night. I then lay there and silently hang my lip because Stella sits outside our doorway mewing to come back in. Breaks my heart!

The other day our son was playing with her. He decided to trap her under an empty clothes basket to see what she would do....well, instead of sitting there the whole time glaring at him she opted to cram her nose in one of the holes on the side and proceeded to move the basket across the floor. She did this for awhile, throwing it up in the air a couple times on her way to a pair of shoes. Once at the shoes, she pushed her nose through a hole again and threw the basket up and forward so it landed on the shoes and she quickly scooted out from the trap. That smarty-cat problem solved her way right out of that...now if only I could get her to understand English she might very well learn to talk!

I believe I've mentioned before how she destroys our house on some nights out of boredom...pictures behind the tv, empty aluminum cans all over, things knocked in the fish tank...we seriously have to cat proof this house from all her antics! The other day I went in our bedroom to watch tv and it wasn't working...she had knocked the dvd player off the top of it and somehow disconnected one of the cords.

I used to think the kids were such a handful but now I'm rethinking that. I need a playmate for this little menace! Each time I look at her messes I think of her name and the meaning behind that choice....the urge to open the fridge to pull out a Stella having to clean up after her...oh my!

Tonight she's terrorizing the printer as our daughter prints out homework, then onto those printed out papers to bite them and claw holes in them, then to the cords on the Wii to bat them around...oh the joys of having an 8 month old kitten..almost as much fun as having our little WeeMan around!

Now, I'm off to watch a movie with my hubby..Spy Games, haven't seen that in ages. But I think I like the idea of cuddling up with him better than the movie anyway..have a great night all.....


redrajesh said...

Adolescence of animals again. Guess you have to keep her tied up :-). Eventually, she will grow out of it. But the mewing will definitely be disturbing everyone a lot. Maybe you just have to let her hunt around the house a bit till she gets tired and then she might be quiet in the house.

louie said...

I used to think our retriever would grow out of his puppy ways but after having him for I think roughly 7 years I give up. Now he's an oversized puppy who runs around just like he's 3 months old.

I eventually hear the meowing stop but I feel bad for her being out here all by herself. But she has to keep our house clear of mice, which she's finally learning to do.

One night I was up late and she was running around here terrorizing a mouse...she was throwing it three feet in the air and letting it fall at her feet so she could attack it...it was pretty comical to watch a cat throwing a mouse like that. The next morning we woke up to a present...a dead mouse. We were quite proud of her for that. =)