Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it fishing season yet?

We're in trouble I think and lets hope our damn power doesn't go out! I say that because we've had numerous power outages in the last few months from weather and god knows what glitches the power company has had...going out tomorrow or Sunday could prove pretty detrimental with temps dropping and wind chills 25-35 below zero.

We haven't had a storm like this in a long time! The last was that fateful one in 1991 when I lugged our two-year old daughter around in her winter coat and a spica cast in snow up to my knees. I think we went to maybe 8 houses and I just couldn't do it anymore....

Tomorrow....what a lot of snow, holy cow. 12-16 inches? My aching back!

I do hope all the Minnesotans out there heed the warnings to stay home and choose to stay warm, safe and snug in their homes. We have a child who has to work but are urging her to call in and tell them forget it....Oh joy, far my predictions for this winter are pretty dead on ..... lots of snow and cold.

And to think, on November 8 we were sitting out on a lake in our boat enjoying our last fishing outing for 2010......

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