Sunday, December 26, 2010

After it's all said and done

It's OVER! Man, what a whirlwind week that was and in the end, after all is said and done, the holiday went smooth, food was decent except for the dumb gravy, kids had a good Christmas and there was a lot of laughs for all of us.

Now, what lies ahead is a week full of lazy and relaxing. My hubby gets a whole week off and he is soooo overjoyed about that--me too. =) The kids will be here as well and so far, we've done nothing but sit around and watch movies. Nothing quite like being lazy for a week right?

P and I played Risk until the wee hours last night. Neither of us won but I thought he was on the way to conquering and he thought I was. That game could have lasted for days! The last time we played I conquered the world! LOL I purchased that game because P played that when he was a kid and when he would see it he would say--"hun, we gotta get that game." A game of strategy and greed....hahaha, it's definitely fun but it can bring out the vindictiveness in each other!

Now I sit here looking at the Christmas tree and how destroyed it is because of our cat. She's having way too much fun pulling the ornaments off and batting them around or carrying them in her mouth to her secret hiding place. Reggie the retrievers tail is wreaking havoc on those ornaments the cat can't reach....there's only remnants of the festivities around. P was a big help with all the clean up and getting things arranged...I couldn't be more lucky to have a guy who doesn't sit around on his butt--instead he's always sure to ask what he can do to help! Thanks hun, that means the world to me when I'm feeling as overwhelmed as I was last week! Without him ... I don't even like to think that way!

I suspect in a day or two the tree will be down, the tables moved back to their 'homes' and our house will be back to normal yet a bit cleaner than it usually its time to prepare for the New Year ahead and hope for a much more peaceful, less eventful year in 2011! Fingers crossed!

Hope you all have a spectacular week ahead...I know I will!

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