Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

So much to be thankful for in my life. So many memories, so many laughs and tears, so many hugs and kisses from those I love, so much growth with each passing year, so many giggles from children, annoying animals that many times make me laugh, good friends, a great husband, kids that are less than perfect, and a wee grandson I cannot wait to see tomorrow. A home that keeps us warm....if the power is working--food in our fridge, beauty surrounding us......each year it seems all these things matter more and more. They are on my mind more and more.

Tomorrow is that one day of the year that many of us openly note our gratefulness to everything around us. One day a year is just not enough for people to recognize the rights in their life, the good and wonderful things they are blessed with each an every day. Regardless of the bad that may bring us down or that clouds our better judgment I believe there is ALWAYS something positive in that negative. A lesson or an eye opener to those things we take for granted.

All these lessons in life, all these material objects we have, all our children, all those hugs and kisses or our wee grandson and so much more have only cemented and brought into perspective how very lucky I am each day I wake.

I really hope everyone out there has a very safe, relaxing, and family filled Thanksgiving. Thanks to all my cyber friends who leave me those kind comments, who have followed this blog for all the years it's been around, and for giving me a reason to keep adding to the journal of my life!

Thank you everyone and I truly hope you and your families have a very great day!

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

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