Sunday, November 21, 2010

This and that

I smell s'ghetti, garlic bread and sauce! Mmm, dinner is on the stove and I'm hungry!

I'm one final away from being finished with Algebra. I am so overjoyed about that! Still at an A in the class so I think I could pretty much bomb the test and still get a decent grade. These last few weeks of math have been the most frustrating classes I've had yet! So much so that I told P I really missed my writing classes. Trade one for the other I guess.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Man how time does fly. Our oldest is going to host the feast at their house and is very excited about that. Of course I get to bake the pies and make the stuffing..she would! LOL

I figured though I would throw together a couple of pumpkin pies for P's supervisor and a couple of the others he works closely with. Hopefully they'll like it. They've been so good to him there and to me as well. I'll get cookies from his boss or something P and I can share. Great people there who welcome me and greet me like I'm one of their own...and dote on us too. So perhaps a gift would be good for all they've done for us on so many levels.

The weather, well, finally we've been 'blessed' with a white blanket. Last night we were fortunate enough to get some freezing rain which caused quite a few accidents in the state--around 400 or so. Man, one would think we lived in some state down south with all the accidents with the first couple storms around here! Good grief.

The snow storm that dropped a few inches of very heavy wet snow; well it caused our power to go out for 18 hours! Makes one remember how much a running freezer or television actually adds to our life! We were very cold, boiled water for much of the day and were prepared for another night of no power when suddenly...tadaaaah. The relief was great--until we remembered that we had to dig all our freezer food out of the snow and put everything back away. But thank god for small favors, that snow and slightly cold weather saved us a lot of money.

Now here we sit in the warmth of our home, fed and occupied with all the conveniences of electricity. Ahh, life is definitely good.

Hope all are doing well.....

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