Thursday, September 30, 2010

To My Best Friend

My husband is such a jerk! He never takes me out, he never does anything around the house, he's lazy, he treats me like a slave, he won't get off his ass and get a job, he doesn't help with the kids, he's always out with his

These are some of the things I've heard or read over the years from women about their men. And how depressing it is to sit there listening to this. In fact, a guilt washes over me because I cannot relate to this and I really don't think I would want to.

Tomorrow, October 1st marks our 22nd anniversary. 22 of the most amazing, sometimes painful, sometimes stressful, sometimes frustrating years of my life! The countless laughs and jokes each year, the hugs, and the many shared words and conversations. The tears and frustrations, all the apologies for our shortcomings and most importantly, the countless times each of us has told the other 'I love you'.

Compromising during disagreements, fishing together, walking together, making decisions about our life and kids together, working side by side cleaning the house so we can sit down and relax, wanting the best for each other and our children, sharing the love of a good book or movie and the disgust at how dumb a movie is, riding in the car rocking out to music or laughing so hard because one of us will say something completely unexpected.

I could never be that woman who talks in such a negative manner about the man I chose to be my life long partner. My partner to me means sharing the burden, sharing the frustrations, sharing the pains, sharing the joys, sharing the accomplishments, sharing the responsibility of the problems that may come and doing all of it together.

I chose wisely the man I wanted to be with. I chose wisely the kind of wife I wanted to be to the man I married. I could be a holy hell bitch, I could be a nag, I could be whatever I choose...but in the end, I choose exactly who I am with exactly the one person who compliments me in more than just words. Him and I are an us, we are one in the same with our own individual characters and many different beliefs.

22-years with the same guy and it seems like we just met. The spark is still there, the joy of seeing each other is still there, the excitement of a phone call or coming home to each others open arms is there each day, the need to be held when things are difficult, to be comforted by those familiar arms and tender words when life is so overwhelming.

I'm one lucky woman to have found a man who isn't a jerk, who would do anything for me, who takes me out on dates, who tells me how beautiful I am, who works his butt off both at home and out in the world, who adores his kids, and who would most of the time rather be with me than out with his buds. There's no greater feeling than to wake up each day next to someone who cherishes you and adores you more than life itself. And with it all I cannot tell you how awesome the feeling is to know that I married the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for!

Happy Anniversary P!


T said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! May you have 22 more years together :)

C said...

Happy Anniversary! You are one lucky gal...but I must say, Pat is one helluva lucky guy too! Here's to many more happy years to 2 of my dearest friends! Love ya!

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Pat! It's so refreshing to read someone who appreciate and honestly loves her hubby. None of us are perfect, we all have our flaws that annoy our spouse, but that goes both ways! Here's to 50 more years! You and Pat are a great example to your kids and great example to others....that we make a choice everyday to stay with the one we promised to be with until the day we die. Such a blessing that you found the one who compliments you and you consider your best friend!!!