Friday, September 17, 2010

Live for the moment

Life has really thrown my family some curve balls over the years. Some things have made us stronger and wiser while others have left us weak with exhaustion.

In the midst of all of this we've experienced deep pain or absolute joy, shock and awe or body trembles from near nervous breakdowns. Non-stop crying, relief, years of's all been there.

I couldn't have come to this point without the one person who has made so many of these times bearable with just a hug or 'it's all going to be ok, hun'. Yes, my husband of nearly 22 years...just another mushy post about what a great man I have chosen to grow old with.

Our road is not yet over, many bumps lie ahead. I believe the choice I made when I was just 16 was the best decision I've ever made in this give my heart, mind, and soul to a boy I saw in a classroom and watched with starry eyes as he laughed and talked to the people around his desk. A boy who caught me staring at him and I shyly looked away and blushed.

At this very moment in our life together, it has dawned on me more so these last few days just how lucky I am. I've always felt lucky and blessed to have such a great guy and someone who will drop everything to come to my side when I need him. And I cannot forget to mention, absolutely wonderful children. But I also know that there are times when these things are taken for granted or overlooked due to busy days and busy lives. But today a reality check has come to visit and given me a gentle reminder....

Love those you love with everything you are; tell them you love them and hold them tight. Yesterday is gone and all that remain are the memories, today is now and a moment in time to give of yourself to those who matter most to you, tomorrow is only tomorrow and never promised to anyone. Live in the moment, inhale those moments; it is those moments that will remain with you with each 'today' you wake to see.

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