Monday, September 13, 2010

Just ho-humming a bit

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks winding down from much needed vacations, kids starting school, I decided to pick up a few hours at the local Chinese Restaurant, dentist appointments, vet appointments, soccer parties, homework from hell, and tennis. Good grief, when it rains it pours!

9/11 has been and gone but the sorrow of that day 9 years ago struck me the same as it usually does, we squeezed in some more fishing, a drink, a movie, and some relaxation. It seems like we are constantly on the go but when the week is over, in reflection of that week it's nice to think about those moments that we had to ourselves and as a family. It's comforting to realize that amidst the chaos, there are those in my life that make all the busy seem less so with their laughter, jokes, and conversation.

It's really nice to have the kids back in school. The fighting was getting to be too much and I think the change is good for them. Our boy started his first year of middle school this year and that's been a tough adjustment for him and for P and I. No more elementary kids...that is a tough pill to swallow on some days. But our boy is thriving and just as nonchalant about it as he was about his elementary days. Lets hope it continues.

Our daughter is a sophomore and I've already seen some changes in her maturity and responsibility level in the last week. It's amazing and very intriguing to watch our once helpless little children grow each day. And with each one comes a new educational experience as a parent. I will miss those days but feel comfort knowing that our kids will always be here...our older two are either always texting or calling for something, or stopping over for a visit which many times turns into an overnight. They may leave the nest but they never leave their family.

P and I got to enjoy our first official day of his four day weeks without the kids and it was so, so, so, so, wonderful. QUIET! He's been working four day weeks for awhile but with summer break its just been extended weekends of overseeing the fights with the kids, running them places, and loud. We love our kids and relish in the moments we have with them but MAN, having these Monday's together is going to be like a mini-vacation where him and I can do whatever we would like with no worries. We've been talking all day about the things we would like to do on our 'days off' from going out to lunch for a beer and pizza to heading to the cities for a day of who knows what. Just alone time. I'm thinking his four day weeks took on a whole new concept after today!

Now, its time for football season and for me to hole up in the bedroom, watch Lifetime, and do homework. **SIGH** Football and hockey, hockey and football. I'm so glad those two sports are the only ones my hubby cares to indulge in. If he liked baseball or basketball I might have to put the brakes on and scream!

I think it's time to get cracking on my homework now. Lots to do if I want to get it done by Wednesday....and next week is my final so yeah, I better stop procrastinating and get studying!

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