Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lazy Days

Christmas is finally over, the tree is down and things are pretty much back to normal. Except of course none of us are doing anything besides being lazy, playing the Wii, watching tv, playing on the computer, laughing, oh, and playing with our WeeMan! (grandbaby)

Patrick put up a nice spread of our Christmas Eve feast, he's so proud of his Prime Rib expertise but I must say, he makes exquisite Prime Rib..mmmmm. We had such a nice Christmas Eve and Day with our kids. Oh, and the French Silk pie that he eluded to that was 'hidden in the place of shame'....OMG! Lets just say I'll be making that more often than not. Things were very laid back and everything went really smoothly. Just one of those moments where you put your fingers to your lips and kiss them....

Now were all savoring our lazy time, soaking up the moments, sleeping in after staying up way too late....We have WeeMan here with us for a couple more hours. He spent the night last night and was great entertainment for us all. Gawd, he is just the apple of our eye around here. We all dote on him and coddle him....he just soaks it all up. Pat is so cute with him, those memories we have of our own kids surface whenever that little dude is here visiting.

New Years is fast approaching....Not sure what the plans are for the evening yet..perhaps staying home and indulging in some friendly Wii competition with the kids....I'll kicka their butts! haha
Who knows...

I just know that I adore my family...as they get older and wiser it dawns on me just how much they mean to me everyday. A father and/or husband who comes home every night, kids who laugh more than they fight, a unit that works together in hard times and arms that are always warm and welcoming when a hug is needed.

Sappy much Louie? Apologies ....

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