Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just a moment

It's Sunday night...only two days of work this week and it's vacation time! I won't have to do any school work either...winter break! YAY.

Presents are actually wrapped 4 days earlier than usual this year, so tomorrow after work I can bake some cookies since I've neglected to do that this year. Can't say I've had all that much time or energy though....sick kids, now myself feeling the inklings of sickness...ugh. It's been a rough few months for sickness.

I'm going to attempt something I've only thought about the past few years. I've nixed the apple pie for Christmas and am opting to go with ... are you ready? French Silk. From scouring the internet it seems that all the recipes are the same for the most part and's really simple. I do hope it turns out good. I'm also making cherry pie and pumpkin..mmmmm!

And we're preparing to make two large meals. All our kids will be here on Christmas Eve, I'm so excited, we get to see our WeeMan for his first Christmas..the best gift I could ever hope for! Him and his mama will be spending the night from the 23rd-24th. Unfortunately, B has to work on Christmas Eve so will be here a little later than he wants to..he feels terrible but work is work and we all need the money. We're gonna save him some Prime Rib though....

Christmas day it will just be Pat, I and our two youngest and I'm making a 10-lb. actual farm fresh one from my cousin...hope it turns out ok, never had a fresh turkey before. GD#2 is mad because we'll be having mashed taters, stuffing, corn and all when she won't be here...I told her there will be PLENTY of leftovers...and that reminds me, she is preparing to move out on us. She's starting school at a community college in a couple weeks. Life just keeps on moving on. I suspect she's going to miss living here for awhile though...we'll see.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be posting in a day or two....just felt like babbling for a bit....hope everyone out there in cyberland is doing wonderful!

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