Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily grind leads to a nice relaxing weekend...ahhhh

Well.... how bout that Tiger Woods?!!!! Man, what an upstanding role model he is! I won't say more on this matter because I'm extremely disappointed and the guy is getting enough media coverage now to last him the rest of his life!

Got a nice relaxing weekend ahead of us and am looking so forward to cuddling up in our home for the weekend with my hubby and our kids and over indulging on movies! Homework will have to fit in there somewhere but that shouldn't be too hard.

GD #3 is sick right now...swollen glands, fever, chills but no sore throat. It appears to be a bacteria infection of some sort but we're not 100% sure. She's being treated for that and we're all very hopeful that she will be showing improvement by Monday...if not, she needs to go have more tests done. Just hate when the kids are sick with these mysterious things!!

The rest of our clan is doing well. Our son had his D.A.R.E. graduation the other much like his father with his ability to woo a crowd! His speech and two others were chosen to be read to the parents. My eyes stung with pride as I watched that little guy stand in front of so many people and present like he was talking to his friends. Our kids are growing up....Nice to see how they're developing skills and coming into their own...

Not much else going on...struggling to see the beauty in these bitter cold days, going to work everyday, doing homework and dealing with the daily's weekends like this I look the most forward to...lazy, cozy and with my hubby and kids, well, weekends with just my hubby might trump that...ahh, life is good even when things don't go our's knowing what's here that makes it all so much better!

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