Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moments in time....

We went fishing yesterday...trying to enjoy what seems to be a small stretch of beautiful fall weather. We didn't catch much but hey, I was the one who caught two bass, a crappie and a handful of sunfish. Pat and our son caught a small handful of sunnies and a couple crappies ... but I must gloat..I caught the only bass.

Life has been pretty fast paced around here. Work, school, meetings, kids functions....that unbelievable pace that most have these days. Not to mention there's only so much daylight after work so it seems like our nights are shorter and the things we do do are crammed into a small window.

Pat and I sat and listened to a dvd sent to him by a guy he used to play guitar with. It sure did bring back a lot of memories. Pat with his long hair singing his heart out playing some old songs he hasn't played in years! The best part of that is Pat has vowed to pick up his guitar again and start playing. Of course he told me I would have to start singing back up vocals with him again...egads, that outta be interesting. We haven't done that in a VERY long time but I must admit, I do miss it. Singing with him and helping him or better put, trying to help him write songs. I'm much better at planting ideas than I am at telling him chords since I don't know any on the guitar. I prefer to help with lyrics.....

The kids are all doing great, trudging right along, growing up, changing our lives with each passing day. Ah, life is good. We've got a good family here even if they make me go grrrrr every once in awhile. In the end, they are our family and we take what comes with the moments....moments are just that, moments; cherish, laugh, love and live them to the fullest!

Have a great night all...until next time

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