Saturday, October 31, 2009

Play Rangers, the new 'parent'

Wow, imagine being unable to go to a park with your own child..having to watch from outside the perimeter while the 'play-rangers' stand guard.

Is the UK a stomping ground for pedophiles? Are all parents a danger to other people's children? This is absolutely insane and infuriating! Seriously, why don't these citizens of this really messed up place just have kids and turn them over to the 'play-rangers' since they are more qualified it seems than the parents. Instead of allowing people to just have kids maybe instead of conducting a criminal check on them AFTER those kids are born they should do so BEFORE that child is conceived to make sure they aren't going to rape them.

I understand looking out for the kids but ... REALLY?????

Hmmm.....wonder when the great old US of A is going to start doing this.....

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