Monday, July 20, 2009


Soccer season came to an abrupt halt over the weekend. Our daughter's team had a disappointing 1-0 loss during districts in a late Friday night game under the lights and our son's team experienced that same disappointment early Saturday morning with a 2-1 loss. Both games were nail biters and shouting was aplenty on the sidelines by all the parents but to no avail. For what it's worth....congratulations on a great season to my kids and their coaches. A lot of hard work and improvements were done/made! Kudos to you all!!!!!

It's great not having to keep 4 games in a week plus soccer practices straight but at the same time, it's leaving us with a void. It was a grueling season this year, one that we all were looking forward to ending but at the same time....

Summer is moving right along and the weather has been slightly crazy this year. Sweatshirts one day, dripping sweat the next..but the worst thing is we haven't gotten all that much rain and the ground is hard as a rock.....good grief. If I lived in Duluth, I wouldn't be so moody about what our weather has been doling out. It's kind of sad really because soon enough, there will be leaves falling from the trees and the ability to see our breath when we go outside. Seems like we have less warm months than cold these days...Global Cooling perhaps? Huh, interesting thought.

Excitement is lacking in our little corner of the world. That should be a good thing but it certainly leaves much to be desired. I keep telling myself to get on this blog and start finishing my France story and my San Francisco tale but each time I do I just loose the urge...hopefully one day.

Hope all are doing well.....

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