Monday, June 22, 2009

Yin and Yang

We spent most of our weekend in Hudson for a soccer tournament! Two games on Saturday and one yesterday. What a weekend! Our daughter's team had a great opportunity to learn the new formations as well as the new positions and it went fabulous. Passing was strong, goals were made, and the games were excellent to watch.

Saturday proved to be hot!!!!! Man, we are all burned to a crisp and walking around here in agony. But it's all good, GD#3 is in good spirits because she finally has a tan. That girl cracks me up!

Now this week we have 4 nights of soccer games, two for our son and two for our daughter. Poor Pat has to come home from work, eat a quick sandwich and it's back on the road...tonight we have to travel and hour and a half away, tomorrow it's another hour away game and then on Wednesday and Thursday we finally have a couple of home games. When they say traveling soccer they sure aren't kidding. This season has been exceptionally busy with our kids playing on alternating nights but watching them is such a great time!

Friday we get to drop the kids off at their grandma's for a few nights and Pat and I are heading to San Francisco! The only crappy part of that is that Pat has to work most of the time so I'm on my own....I haven't had all that much time to think about this trip, at least not until last week when I had a little time to sit down and do some searching of things to do in the area. I try not to think about having to explore things on my own cuz then I just get mopey and wish that Pat could enjoy some down time too. But overall, I think I've found some things to do with my time and am hoping to really make the most of the trip! Now I'm getting mopey again.

Just a little this and that for the old blogger I must go weed my garden! Ick!!!!!

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