Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A little gushing about my kids

Man am I exhausted! I think I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from Friday. The first graduation party is over and I'm pretty sure it went really well and all the kids enjoyed their celebration. I was there on 3 hours of sleep and felt like a walking zombie all day...not good. Can you say 'relief'? Well, one down one to go. This week I'm devoted to a massive clean up of the house and the garage and then the yard and maybe the basement if I have time and this all for the party we'll have this weekend. I told Pat tonight on the way to soccer that I'm going to be a mess next week because for the first time in I don't know how long, I will have NOTHING to do. I will officially be on summer vacation. (working at the school does have it's perks). Wow, I think I may just go loopy or something. NOT!!!! Cannot wait.

Aside from all that hoopla this weeks soccer started on Sunday evening. (yes, it's soccer season and I must gush a bit) Monday we traveled about 75 miles one way for our sons soccer game. Man does that kid ever cease to shock me???? He gets to play goalie every game now for half the game. Last night he made the most amazing double save...the sidelines were going crazy! I actually had a tear in my eye I was so proud! (yes, I've suddenly become this sentimental fool!)

First was a shot that we all thought for sure was a goal, it tipped off the tip of our son's toe and went sideways and our boy fell to the ground with the ball missing the net by mere inches. The ball bounced across to the other side of the net and at lightening speed our guy was up, running across the box did a jump and a spin as the other player tried a second time to get what was going to be a sure goal and WHAM! It hit our boy on the side and just WOW! He had an amazing soccer game, their team won but it was pretty close at the end. Who would think that watching 10 & 11-year olds play soccer would be nail biters! Good grief!

We just got back from our daughters game...which was about 60 miles away one way...same area only a little closer! They're having a pretty tough season. They moved up from C-3 to C-2 this year which means better teams, tougher competition. Our girl has come out of her shell and is having an amazing season this year. Very aggressive and she even told me she's afraid she might get a yellow card this year! Frankly, I would cheer if she did. (in our vehicle on the way home of course because she's been pretty timid for a long time). She's not a goalie or a forward but a mid...if she never scored a goal, I would still be proud of how far she has come as a soccer player. She fights for that ball and suddenly gives 110%.

I honestly don't know when it was that I began to love watching soccer so much but watching my kids out there running their butts off and working so hard makes my heart swell. These kids work hard and seem to have endless energy and I speak about all the kids on the team. One can see that they are just barely hanging on, ready to collapse yet somehow, some way, they keep on going!

Eventually I will get some pictures posted of graduation, perhaps next week. But this photo definitely had to go up...Our oldest daughter works at a photo lab and has been pretty busy these last few weeks with my photos; enlargements, copies, invitations, redos, etc. Needless to say, she's been getting a lot of practice on the old photo shop. I brought my rolls of film from the graduation ceremony up to her, asked her to make doubles and the usual. She later texted me and wanted to know when I was going to be there, she had something she really wanted to show me. She had done something to one of the pictures and told me that it made her cry as she worked on it. I saw this and it just melted my heart.

Not only did she remove all the 'noise' surrounding' this moment, she added a really sweet saying at the bottom. I cannot put into words how much this photo means to me....how special it is...the father-daughter embrace, the father-daughter moment. It's always been important to me that our kids have a good relationship with their dad. Our oldest took a picture I snapped and turned it into a thought that was going through my mind as I stood there looking at this and clicked the shutter....She made us 3-8x10's and one for herself. What more can I say to her besides thank you because honestly, words cannot express....

Anyway, I had a few moments before I eat my dinner and head off to bed...thought I would spend it talking about my kids a bit. They've earned it....

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