Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is mine is NOT yours!

I sit here, open up numerous articles to read, read the articles and then head to the comment section 9 times out of 10. Why? Well because most of the time they are much more amusing than the story itself.

This story about the cop who wouldn't allow his neighbor onto his (the cop's) property to 'rescue' his (the neighbor's) cat....

I have to side with the one commenter who, it seems, is the only one who sees the logic in why this cop wouldn't allow this man to rescue that cat. This poor commenter with the name, "I'm right" seems to be really taking the heat.

While this is a cat, a 'living creature', isn't it true that most times cats are able to find their way back down a tree? Perhaps because this cat is an indoor cat it didn't know any better but in my experience, cats usually can find their way back down whatever predicament they may get into.

This cop is still a civilian when he's not on duty right? And is he not a 'living creature'? Should it not matter that he's protecting his ass in the long run after all options were exhausted by the Humane Society, the fire department, and the cop...oh, I mean civilian...himself? Aside from allowing this neighbor to climb, up too high for the Humane Society to get this cat, it seems to me that this man did what he could do without risking what could be if in fact someone had gotten hurt in the process.

I don't even like the neighbor boys climbing on our things or in our trees when they're here because god forbid something happen, we would be liable, we could be sued.

Because of that 'sue-crazy' mentality that surrounds this country, this world, I find this cop, oh, I mean civilian, to be acting within his own best interest and that of the neighbor. Oh, and signing a waiver???? Ha, that is just too funny to even consider!

I would like to point out that this man was considered a 'cop' while in the comfort of his own home. He is considered a cop who used his 'power' for pulling a gun on a couple of non-profit-organization-Citizens for North Phoenix Strays..."Smith and Toman said they chose to go behind the home on a public sidewalk and lean a 25-foot ladder against his back wall."

What if these two fell from that ladder while trying to get this poor little cat and landed on the cop's property????? Do ya think they may have decided to sue him not only because it happened on his property but because it was this cops fault for not just letting them onto the property in the first place? How about animal neglect? Or animal cruelty? Or I know....a scratch that occurred while reaching through the branches to save the cat? or a sliver from the ladder rung? I cannot blame this 'cop'/human/civilian for protecting his property nor for pulling his badge. I believe in property ownership/rights.

In the end...BRAVO to this 'cop' for looking out for himself, his property and his rights as a property owner!!!!! Those who feel that the life of a cat is more important, I'm sorry but the future retirement money that's socked away so that I can grow old with a little money to live on and a cute little cat sitting in my lap keeping me warm is much more important.

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