Thursday, November 20, 2008

That big porterhouse is calling his name!

Ok, it's been a hell of a couple weeks...I know, said that already a couple of times in my last couple posts. On top of dealing with the emotions tied in with my friends father and trying to figure out how to deal with that, there's been something that I've not blogged about because of a superstition that if Pat or I had, it would jinx the whole thing.

Pat has been offered a new job...well, that was nearly 3 weeks ago. Because our life has been so very up and down, him and I never really expect good things anymore, we're pretty resigned to what is now and have accepted that. So the idea that this was real and true has been quite a bit for us to grasp or believe...hell, it's still got me shell shocked and I refuse to even believe it now. It cannot even be real.

This job brings with it a whole new life for our that would allow me not to even work if I so chose that direction. My current job is with the school district so I will have summers off. I've been stressing about that since I was offered my job...what will we do without my income during the summer?! That is not even a factor anymore...well, at least I hope not.

Much new stress has come with this offer...doing things right is the biggest, making a future savings for ourselves and our kids, getting the things we need and even maybe some things we want. Wow, what a concept that is to grasp. But as I write this, well, I have to say that I'm still in denial, that something or someone somewhere is going to burst this bubble and laugh in our faces and tell us we are fools.

It's too much to deal with, too much to take..........As a friend of mine mentioned in an email today---she said I should release some of my stress by screaming in a car when no one was around....well, here it is M ...........AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I find it more appealing to scream in words then out loud, I would probably rip up my throat! LOL

THANK YOU to all our friends and family who were there for us through all of this and our stress. But mostly, thank you to my husband who has sworn to me that he will make good on his promise to take care of me...he has done more for me in all these years than any one person deserves! I will repay him by purchasing him.....
a big porterhouse steak!

Thanks friends and family!

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