Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What is wrong with people in this country???? Thanksgiving is about being thankful. Should it not be an ongoing education for kids about how this day came to be? About why we celebrate? Its not religious, its not about racial stereotypes...that just makes my blood boil every time I see that statement in this article!

If you don't want your kids to celebrate or dress up in costume for a long standing tradition in school then keep them home and teach them how to be selfish! Teach them to be ungrateful, teach them how it's racist to reenact a day in history! Or better yet, simply write a note to the school asking them to please remove your child from the festivities. People do that where I work and our school kindly obliges.

I've seen more racist, sexual, horribly violent things done by actors on the big screen, and I will point out that parents ALLOW their kids to watch these things or even to play video games that portray terrorists killing our own soldiers! THIS is ok! But dressing the kids in little pilgrim hats and Indian costumes is DEMEANING AND RACIST????? What the hell kind of logic is this??!

And this school backs down to this tradition that's been going on for decades???? For pete's sake, where are the spines? Where are the beliefs and the knowledge that history is important for many reasons in this country, a reminder of how it got to this point? Freedoms that so many take for granted and take advantage of, such as this.

I suggest that maybe if parents are going to be so outrageously petty about this or that that they should maybe consider looking into all of this BEFORE they decide to live in a city or a town. Or maybe they should just ... oh forget it!

I just cannot tell you how very irritated I am about this. What's most irritating is that every once in awhile, I sit and ponder all the restrictions that have popped up over the last 5-10 years and I come to the realization that if some day, people don't start fighting and defending things that are important, it will be too late to regain any sort of voice over those who so badly want to drown out what is most important in this country........

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