Thursday, October 30, 2008

Double Standard doesn't even touch this

This country and the people in it have done pissed me off but good. What is wrong with people???

First, what is so damn humorous about hanging an effigy of ANY single person in this country? How is that considered Halloween 'art'. When did it start to occur that supposed adults became a bunch of idiotic bullies who act worse than the kindergarten and first grade kids I deal with every day. I find this sort of behavior to be completely over the top, childish, and appalling....just for the record.

The things I've seen about Sarah Palin have really irked me and that people actually find humor in it is even worse but I've remained pretty silent. My feelings on it are that she's a candidate...albeit, not the PRESIDENTIAL candidate, but she is free game. So is Obama, Biden, and McCain. And I will go as far as to say that Palin IS A WOMAN.

Two guys are arrested in KY for hanging and effigy of Obama. A hanging Obama is no damn worse than hanging an effigy of Palin with McCain buried in flames sticking out of a chimney, but those guys weren't arrested. It's 'free speech', it's art, it's a Halloween prank....Hey, Palin IS a woman; that's discrimination, that's misogynistic, I cry foul because I AM A WOMAN therefore hanging a mannequin of another woman off the eaves of a house to me is like hanging me out there or my girl friends, or my daughters.

The race card is getting a LOT out of hand in this country. If those who support Obama continue on this...racism crusade because Obama is of a different color skin than myself, well hey, I might just have to hop on board for the woman's cause and begin my own friggin' crusade.

Anyone care to join me?

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