Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy busy

Been as crazy as ever around this old house! Weather is getting cold again....waaaaah! Not ready for that. I will mention though that fall was absolutely breathtaking this year...the colors were something I haven't seen in years. It just so happened that the weekend Pat went out and got us dinner--duck hunting--which was the second weekend in October, the weather was beyond beautiful. Mid to upper 70's, sunny, and indescribable colors throughout the valley. You know, one of those weekends that I'm reminded of how much I love living here.

School has really been taking a toll on me this semester. I seem to have tests every other week. One on Monday and one on Tuesday. Going to classes three nights a week, studying the remaining 4, working and dealing with kids....I'm completely worn out and ready to just say......NO MORE!

I haven't had all that much time to keep up with the news. Or at least write about the things I'm seeing but man, are people in this world losing it or am I just getting old and boring. Death threats, hanging certain political figures from a house by a noose while the other burns in a chimney and calling it Halloween fun, or music videos with a certain political figure dressed like Daisy Duke slapping her rear and jiggling, it's a crazy world. I wonder when the term 'free speech' is going to be taken down a notch.

Work has been good, I'm getting kids in trouble now so I guess I'm settling in. Whether that's a good thing or not, I don't know but all the adults are saying I'm doing a good job so that must count for something.

Other than all this, life is life. It sucks a lot out of us but at the same time it's those little moments that make it so worthwhile.

Until I have a few more minutes.......

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