Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2nd In State...there's something to be said for that!

Alright, it's been too long. The soccer team....

As I said, the girls made it to the championship. After the game the night before, I would have to say honestly that Pat and I were very elated and relieved for the team. After that final game that decided the championship it felt as if all the stress was eased.

So cut to the championship game. The first half of the game was very relaxed and almost like a get-to-know the other team half. The girls played Rochester and they were a good team. Good skills, and good at weaving in and out. Our girls didn't get the win, they lost 2-0 but in all honesty, I don't know if it's just because the season was finally over, or if it was that there was just releif that the girls made it so far, or if it was just exhaustion but the sense that we could all just breathe and relax was over powering. Perhaps it was all of the above but in the end, the girls placed 2nd in state for their hard work all year and man...what a great year it was! I can't say that enough, this season was something to be proud of for both the kids and the parents.

I honestly didn't get as wrapped up in that final game, I really didn't care if the girls played their best or their hardest. Like the Vikings, they're a second half team and bring it on but for some reason, it was just a relaxing game. Go figure, a game to decide the state champs for their division and it was just like another game. Perhaps that's just the way it should have ended. I do know that Pat had a lot of injured girls playing in this tournament and those girls played hard and good. Amazing how that happens. Nothing was to stand in their way.

We still have the soccer party to prepare for which is just an all around fun time. The girls get to show us parents what they're made of in a game of soccer--kids against the parents--and a barbecue and awards afterwards. Of course I never play because I'm usually cooking but that doesn't bother me. I would end up laid out on that field in 5 minutes...I'm not a real sports type person. But after last year's charcoal burgers maybe I should reconsider...eeks

Now the season is over, life is starting to get back to normal and we leave in a few days for a week long vacation. I cannot tell you all how desperately we need a vacation at this point. Then again, who doesn't need a vacation!

But that ends the soccer tale for now unless I decide to post on the party which might very well happen. Next year the girls move up a level to a harder level. It should make for a great season once again!

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