Saturday, April 05, 2008

Aqua Net to the rescue

Today our 16-year old is at her Junior prom, already. She is a girl that has really blossomed as the years pass by. She, being the one who was our screaming toddler that had the worst attitude and who I've written about only a few times.

Anyway, the day started with her wanting to go to McDonald's for breakfast and to the store to pick up some hair stuff that would virtually glue her hair into place. You see, I was asked to do her hair and make-up for this very special event and writing about it is actually tearing me up a bit. It's a special day for her and I was honored to be such a big part of it. She included me in every decision she made for this day and I have to say, I was really surprised by this because she wanted me involved so deeply. And mostly, that she trusted my opinion so darn much.

So, on the way to the store we were discussing hair stuff and I mentioned Aqua Net hair spray and how I wished they still made that stuff because it worked well. I remember because I used it when I was younger. Obviously, I don't use many hair things these days because I was quite excited and surprised when my eyes fell on the bottles of Aqua Net. LOL I nearly jumped up and down with glee that it was on that shelf.

We grabbed some Aqua Net and some hair shiner and came home to begin the task at hand. I was nervous really and had very little confidence that she would be happy with the finished work that is, not herself.

Once we got home, we popped in Alvin and the Chipmunks after she showered and I dug out make-up and began what turned into about a 3 hour beautifying experience. And the end result, well, you can see for yourself.

The hair was the most crucial thing for me because I was really nervous about that part of it. While I have done her hair for dance recitals and all the little girl stuff, she is now nearly 17 and this is not a recital. Like I said, my own confidence is lacking and I just wanted to make sure that I could make her hair look as professional as possible...some big shoes to fill considering I'm not one.

My friend gave me an idea of how to do her hair and we practiced last night and it actually turned out really cute. (BTW, thanks CK for the hair idea, she really liked it but I don't know if I pinned it up correctly or not, I improvised) But it was a shoddy job and one that I wasn't too sure of. Originally our daughter was going to have a friend do her hair but wasn't all that satisfied with how bossy her friend was being and not giving J any say in how to do her J asked if I would do it for her. How could I say no even though part of me wanted to but the other part really really wanted to do it.

Well, in the end, I am very happy with how it turned out. It took a long time to put all the little curls in and even then I wasn't finished, I still had to pin them up.

While I was trying to pin up her curls and strategically place the flowers in her hair she noticed that I was shaking...and I looked and I was. I guess the pinning up of the hair was the most stressful for me because by the time I finished putting all the tiny little curls in her hair it was too late to turn back, her boyfriend had been here for about a half hour. I just wanted to make sure the pony tail holders and the bobby pins weren't showing but that the flowers would be visible. I am no hair stylist, let me tell you.

Once that was finished, she put on her dress and jewelry and I raced into her room armed with Aqua Net, gold glitter spray and the shiny hair stuff. By the time I finished there was a haze hovering in her room and the two of us were coughing but let me tell ya, her hair wasn't moving!!!! LOL She was a little freaked out by how stiff it was but I was satisfied that it might possibly just make it through the night and she looked beautiful. Well, I think so anyway.

My day wasn't over...she had also requested that her dad and I take picture of them at the pot hole park which of course I agreed to weeks ago. We won't have those back for a few days and I do hope they worked out ok but we had a lot of fun.

Man do the kids grow up fast and when a parent thinks that all the milestones and achievements are at a level, something just pops up and bites you in the butt and makes your eyes sting. Ugh....

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