Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wake up people

I awoke to a link sent from my Sunshine...and what a link. I guess that's a hint huh sis...LOL

I've heard whispers here and there about how our homes are secretly being watched or our phones are tapped or this or that that all pertain to invasion of our privacy. For the most part I brush it off and figure hey, if they wanna watch me then all the power to them....whoever 'they' and 'them' are. They ain't gonna find anything damning in our life..oh no, we smoke out on our deck I guess that might one day be illegal eh? We're pretty simple people and if someone gets off on the things that go on in other people's homes then they must live a preeeeeeettttty pathetic existence. In fact I try not to think about it because it's pretty creepy.

But there does come a point when it gets to me...every once in awhile. Like now for instance. I guess in this case, we should be 'relieved' that Comcast is at least making it public knowledge and not trying to pull the wool over our eyes for their own entertainment value. But...and here comes the rant....

What in the hell would you want to create this sort of device for???? Sure, it would monitor the television for the kids safety and all, it may even have the capability to switch the channel to Lifetime for me if I walked into the room and it recognized my body. And back to the question...what in the hell would you want to create this sort of device for??????????????

What if, this device is a hit, what if it becomes mandatory in every house in America? What if the government decides to subpoena all the makers of these devices who have access to our homes, our actions, our personal lives...then what???? Can you say 'communist country'? I've only said this every once in a while in the last year or secret is out but there are really times when it seems like it's turning into one and we are all just letting it happen....

Honestly? I feel that in some ways technology is ruining this country, ruining our freedoms, ruining life as I knew it as a young girl. I enjoy some of the new and speedy ways that some things can get done..such as the computer, it's a wonderful device and has so much to offer. But it definitely has some serious the newspaper industry, pornography, people who stalk others, people who use it to libel others, people who hack into our private information and I could go on with this.

But who's to say we aren't already being watched every time we open up a search engine, or every time we open up our blog. I'm sure our computer usage is monitored in some way already, for the sake of safety and terrorist activity, I don't have much of a problem with that. They ain't gonna find nothing going on in this house therefore have at it.

Visual is a whole other concept that I have to wait and far will it go? Who is the brain behind this...and please don't tell me it's all Bush's fault cuz I might be apt to scream a hissy fit!

I will scream about anyone who might see this cable box camera thing as a great idea..perhaps then it's time those people have a reality check and be real parents or get off their lazy arses and turn the channel or here's a concept...realize that they are actually AMERICANS! Perhaps those who see this as a great way to 'babysit' their children should throw out the television then.

And hey, realize this, if you allow this sort of invasion from a company because you feel better that your kid's television will be monitored when you aren't there...well you're only inviting more invasion into the privacy of your own home...the implications of something like this are large and scary. I do hope that Americans will speak up about this and put the kibosh on it sooner rather then later....because as we have painfully learned through many experiences in this open your mouth after the fact is too late to stop the wheel from spinning....

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