Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5-years and counting

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of the war. Of course there's those who say they can end this war, those who say that it's for oil, those who say it's actually helping. But in the end, it's still going on and the support and love for the troops and their families is what is the reality.

I guess we could just stop the war and put up that shield of ignorance to what goes on in other countries and move on in our daily life, just for the sake of keeping our own military here at home. Why not? Why not keep our troops home so they can protect our own country...but by god, aren't they in the process of doing just that?

While I would love to have this war over just as much as all the anti war protesters I guess I know that things take time, especially when it comes to war. We are all suffering to some degree whether it be financially, the loss of a loved one, a family member away at war, or simply so against this war that it causes others to seek help. Life is about suffering, life was never meant to be as easy as it was made in the movies. War is ugly no matter what one might think. The Gulf war made it look simple. Can that even be classified as a war?

Just remember on this day all those families out there who have sacrificed for the sake of another countries freedom, for the sake of a woman's freedom, for the sake of a child to live a life and be able to go to school, for the ability to work, for the sake of our very own safety, the sacrifices our countrymen make simply to make another's life a little brighter.

Think of all the sacrifices that we here in America are making and stop being so bitter and ugly about a war that is making a difference in other's lives. If you saw a child suffering or being beaten, would you turn the other cheek? If you saw a woman being raped, would you stand there and not say a word? If you saw a man being beaten would you not seek some sort of help? It is un-American, it's cold hearted, it's not in our nature to be so uncaring which is why I sometimes have a hard time understanding why people are so against this war. It is killing our troops but do they die screaming they don't want to be there? Do they die screaming that they were forced to do this job that they chose to enlist for?

More then not I have read endless accounts of soldiers who have wanted to return, who have seen the difference, who are proud of what they are accomplishing. What a punch in the gut to learn that there are those of us in their own country who call them murderers or thugs or other more horrendous names. Children is what people are being.

Those against this war are living a life of freedom to speech and the ability to say horrible things to others, those same people are able to send their children to school or to get an education. Perhaps I'm wrong when I say this but are we not enjoying the many freedoms we have at the expense of another's life and/or limb in some earlier lifetime? None of our freedoms came without a price, someone is always having to sacrifice. I only wish people could learn about history. Maybe then they would realize their selfishness and just how ugly it can be.

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