Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whirlwind days

It sure does seem like there is just never any time for much of anything. Constantly on the go it seems.

Our son turned 9 last night...holy cow, nine years ago already. We had a really nice birthday for him. Gifts, his favorite meal...spaghetti, cheese bread, and cake and ice cream. Yummmm! However this morning he woke up with a horrible belly ache and felt like .......vomiting. So he went back to sleep until about 10 or so and woke up feeling a little better. He still has a little ache, is pretty pale but if that's the worst of things for him I can deal with that.

Pat and I had a wonderful weekend away last weekend! Went to the casino hotel and relaxed and came home with more money in our pocket than when we left! Woohoo. What a feeling that is. And our hotel room? Holy cow is all I can say. Thank goodness we had gift certificates because not even with our tax refund would we have forked out that much money for a place to sleep for 2 nights! And the food....for many years I have heard nothing but great things about the buffet. Imagine my excitement at the prospect of finally being able to indulge! Well worth it too. Prime rib two nights in a row and all sorts of other stuff! Pat and I are hoping to go there again in a month or so, we have some more coupons to use up...

I get to have the honor of taking my daughter prom dress shopping this weekend. Both of us are pretty excited about that. Could be a long day though. This would be my 16 year old. Sadly, my oldest went at the spur of the moment and shopped with another family friend without telling me. Needless to say, I was a little heartbroken, well actually a lot heartbroken, by that but proud of her for spending under $50 on her dress. So she probably had me in mind. And it was a beautiful dress...maybe because it wasn't what one would think a teen would pick out. And hers was a light lavender color which in and of itself was a surprise...all those years of wearing black and telling me how she hated pastelly colors.

So...not all that much going on but figured I would put a post on here since I have a little time. But no more....must go take my test now.

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