Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vortex mixed with a disturbing twist

I'm exhausted. It's snowing like an overfilled snow globe right now and I was fortunate enough to get to drive home in it. That was an experience I would just as soon forget about! Getting the vortex effect through the windshield for 35 miles, unable to see the road and guiding my way down the road by the blades of grass barely sticking out from the ditch while driving on what seems like a white blanket, semi's driving by throwing snow up and creating a complete whiteout, anti lock breaks kicking in when I'm trying to stop wondering if I'm going keep right on sliding and people who are really impatient and who hate drivers like myself on days like this. Perhaps if it were lighter out I would have driven faster but driving down a road that has no streetlights, only signs to guide you and fields on either side and it's pitch black, well lets just say it was an eerily tense drive! Whew, now that I have that off my chest.......

I read an EXTREMELY disturbing article today. In fact it angers me quite a bit and I'm sure if you read it it will do the same for you. There's been a story floating around about a missing 4-yr old boy....found dead in his home. Last I heard, they weren't disclosing the cause of death but in a situation such as this, it should come as no surprise that this little guy was beat to death.

Maybe it's just that I'm feeling a bit cranky and tired today, or maybe it's because I grow weary of these sorts of stories, or maybe it's just that I cannot comprehend how something like this can happen no matter how often I read about it...I don't know. All I know is I just finished reading a book I've referenced here quite a bit--A Death in White Bear Lake--and while reading about this little boy today, in the here and now, I was struck by how things like this still occur. It just soured my day to read about this and what a worthless piece of doody this woman is. Sorry, that's pretty mean to say but its just how I feel now! She was able to grow up to be an adult, live her life, have 4 kids of her own and yet....she finds it her right to beat a child to his death because he soiled his pants!

His dad was in the workhouse for breaking his probation....and for possession of marijuana...granted his dad wasn't much better but for some reason, it just bothers me that there's a man who's locked up for something such as this while a woman is free who could kill a the authorities had no idea that she was an abuser, there's no record on just irks me is all.

Read for yourself: Demond Reed had a short life, and a brutal death

Rest in peace little one.....

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